Traditional Savings

As part of your membership at Parks Heritage Federal Credit Union, we start by offering a complementary share savings account. As a member of the credit union, you are a shareholder. Your account makes you eligible for all of the great products, services, and programs we offer.

The required balance to open an account is just $5.


  • No service charge or minimum balance fees
  • Monthly dividends paid on balances of $100 or more
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made
    • Remote Deposit through our Parks: STAT App
    • At our Murray Street branch
    • Direct deposit
    • By US mail
    • At our branch night drops and ATM

IRA Savings - Educations & Retirement - Tax Deferred

We are proud to offer retirement and educational tax-deferred savings plans. Our IRA/Share and Educational IRA/Share accounts yield 0.15% higher yield than our published standard savings/share rate. We will work with you to simplify and streamline the process.

Club Savings

Saving can be a challenge, but our Club Savings accounts make it simple and easy! Open a club account, and you can keep funds separate without having to remember multiple account numbers. Deposits can also be made through Payroll Deduction to keep you on track to meet your savings goal. Withdraw your money at any time. Dividends are paid on a balance of $100 or more.

  • Saving for the holidays can be hard, PHFCU makes it easier by letting you join the club, the Holiday Club. We help you determine an amount to set aside each month, then when October rolls around, the saved funds will be transferred into your account early enough to get your holiday shopping done.

    Extra perk: whether you participate using payroll deduction or not, when your balance is over $100 we’ll pay you dividends!

  • Funds transfer to Savings in early October each year

    You can get away with taking time off, because with the Vacation Club, PHFCU makes getting away easier. All you have to do is figure out when you want to go away and how much the trip will cost, then our team will help determine how much you need to put into the Vacation Club each week or month in order to meet your goal.

  • Save for whatever you choose.

    You don’t have to be planning a vacation or looking ahead to college to want to start saving. Our Member’s Choice Club is designed to help you take the sting out of saving by establishing an amount to set aside over a period of time so that you have the money for the thing you want, when you need it.

    $5 a week for 40 weeks and you can get that speaker you’ve been wanting, $125 a month for 12 months so that you can overhaul your wardrobe come spring. You get the idea. Your plans and our help can make reaching your goals easier.

  • Save for your children's education costs.

    You want the best for your children, we want the best for you. The College Savings Club is designed to make your dreams for their future a reality. We will work with you to create a fail safe way for setting aside the money now, to ensure that when graduation day comes you all have what you need to start the next chapter.

  • Save for taxes and escrow on your mortgage

    Sometimes there are things you need to save for that can’t run the risk of falling short—taxes, escrow on your mortgage, a balloon payment on a car. Whatever it is, we’ll help you take the necessary steps to position you for financial readiness.

  • We love helping kids learn about saving.

    It is never too early to start teaching your kids about money. This program allows families to work with their children to cultivate an understanding of the value of money—watch it grow, understand the reality of spending vs saving and feel like a grown up by having their own accounts at Parks Heritage.

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